A Fairy Song - William Percy French

Emma Reece

Posted on November 05 2015

We love anything to do with fairies at Pixie Cove. What do you think of this wonderful poem about Fairyland by our one and only William Percy French - hope you enjoy it:

A Fairy Song
Stay, silver ray,
Till the airy way we wing
To the shade of the glade
Where the fairies dance and sing:
The mortals are asleep -
They can never understand
That night brings delight,
It is day in Fairyland
Float, golden note,
From the lute strings all in tune,
Climb, quiv'ring chime,
Up the moonbeams to the moon.
There is music on the river,
There is music on the strand,
Night brings delight,
It is day in Fairyland.
Sing while we swing
From the bluebell's lofty crest.
Hey! Come and play,
Sleepy songbirds in your nest;
The glow-worm lamps are lit,
Come and join our Elfin band,
Night brings delight,
It is day in Fairyland.
Roam thro' the home
Where the little children sleep,
Light in our flight
Where the curly ringlets peep.
Some shining eyes may see us,
But the babies understand,
Night brings delight,It is day in Fairyland.

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