7 Things to Do During Easter 2019

Emma Reece

Posted on April 02 2019

7 Things to Do During Easter 2019

The first day of spring will already have passed in the Northern hemisphere, even if it doesn't feel like the start of spring where you are, by the time you read this. Spring time is when everything starts coming out of winter hibernation, including our bodies. And this year, Easter is late - falling near the end of April, so with any luck, we will have good weather for the spring break.

Everyone deserves a nice spring vacation, with a cool breeze around and flowers blossoming everywhere. It's a happy season to enjoy a break and maybe even some gifts from the Easter Bunny, whether you have children or not. If you haven't planned anything for your spring break yet, here are some ideas for a good time this spring:

1. Take A Road Trip And Go Camping

Spring is the ideal time to go on a road trip. You can take your partner or friends for a great social time or even a quiet getaway. A long road trip to a riverside camp might be your perfect getaway from the busy city life, or maybe a visit to a convention of some kind. Play country music along the way and take plenty of beer for the overnight stay. A campfire in the evening with barbecue chicken will make your weekend worth remembering. You can even take a bath in the river, if that's where you decide to stay; something that you may not dare to try when you are at home. The best part about a road trip during the spring break is the pleasant weather. It is neither scorching hot nor chilly cold to make your camp stay uncomfortable.

2. Check Your Holiday Cottage

If you have a holiday cottage in the country or even a vacation condo on the outskirts of a city and wish to spend a quiet weekend during your spring holidays, drive down with a couple of story books or your camera and spend some time alone. It is also a great way of getting time to spend on a favorite but neglected project or craft, if you have been trying to start your novel, a blog or even get some DIY work done. Also, it will be an excuse to ensure that the cottage is clean and safe. Clear out the dried leaves and twigs around the cabin, or chase the dust bunnies inside and make it nice and cozy so that you can enjoy a cup of coffee with your favorite book or journal on your lap.

3. A Vacation To Wine Country

Take a trip to one of the best wine countries, Malibu. If you have had a long pending trip, then this is the one to be in. Almost everyone is fond of wine, and your trip to Malibu or Napa will be memorable with so many vineyards to visit. Make sure you make an itinerary of the famous wineries and breweries. After all, there is nothing better than a trip where you can enjoy the finest wines and bring peace to your eyes with the luscious greenery.

4. Freshen Up Your Wardrobe

Clear out your wardrobe and bring in fresh floral-printed clothes. Spring is the season of flowers, and that should reflect in the dresses you wear. Colors for spring 2019 include bright yellow, fresh green, orange and even purple if you prefer a dark color. There are hundreds of designs and patterns of colors and flowers to choose from. Try selecting light-colored dresses as they bring out the print of the flowers better. You may also need a range of shoes to complement the dresses you buy. From metallic heels to slip-ons to strappy sandals, the varieties are endless. Select according to the color of the dress you buy to look beautiful every time you step out.

Swing Dresses

5. Spring Clean Your House

As spring knocks at your door, it is the traditional time to clean your house thoroughly. If you are an annual house cleaner, then spring is the season you should target to get rid of unwanted stuff in your home. Don’t try to clean the entire house in a single day. Start with the kitchen, then move on to the bathroom. These two rooms are the easiest to clean compared to the living room and bedrooms. Make sure that all the nooks and corners of the house are cleaned so that you don’t have to dust them semi-annually.

6. Bake Cookies

There are lots of cookie recipes on the internet, and when you have got a lengthy spring break, make the most of it by trying those recipes. From ginger cookies to the traditional chocolate chip cookies, you can try one recipe every day. If you don't want to include sugar as part of your spring holiday, you can also try new meal recipes using whole foods. If you find one you like, you could even batch bake and save portions in the freezer for use on a busy day in the future. This is the season to experiment with new things and find your favorites so you can continue the tasty recipes for the rest of the year.

7. Make Easter Baskets

Whether you want to give Easter gifts to yourself, the kids (yours or anyone else's) or to friends or relatives, now is the time to start so you do not have to rush. Easter gifts don't have to just be chocolate eggs, nice though those are. They do not have to be expensive either. If you made cookies (tip #6), you could wrap those up in a clear bag and tie it with a yellow ribbon, to symbolize spring. A small pot of flowers is also a great gift that does not need to cost much but which shows you were thinking of the person. For children, you could include some packets of seeds, so they can get out in the garden to plant them. Small baskets lined with crumpled tissue paper make a good seasonal background for your gift if you want it to look extra special and you can always include some small pompom chicks and mini chocolate eggs to give it an Easter feel.

With so many spring break ideas under your belt, you won’t have a minute to spare. Go plan soon because you deserve the very best of times. Please do share your spring break antics with us on the Facebook Page and Instagram account, tag yourself with #pixiecove to be featured.

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