Celtic Tree Of Life Beliefs

Emma Reece

Posted on August 29 2016

The Celtic Tree of Life is a beautiful symbol that carries special meaning among Irish, Scottish, and others of Celtic descent. Like the "Celtic Cross," there are actually many variations of this design. All of them have similar traits in common and one isn't necessarily considered the sole "right design" compared to others, all of them are representative of what this symbol stands for.


Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

The Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

The Common Design

The Tree of Life is most often drawn as a solid base of a tree, with roots, that turns into multiple branches or groups of branches that spread out and reach skywards. The roots spreading out into the earth symbolize the strong Druid-based belief that the heavens and earth share a strong bond. The tree represents the growth in life and in one symbol represents shelter, food, and warmth through firewood: it is the perfect symbol to illustrate the interconnectedness of life.

The Tree of Life Pendant Necklcae

The Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

Spiritual Connection

The Celtic Tree of Life meaning includes a very spiritual connection beyond the basic love of nature that was found throughout Celtic Druid beliefs. The symbol also represented a gateway between this world that everyone could see, touch, and experience, and the mystical or spiritual world on the other side that was not so easy to interact with.


Harmony & Balance

Another important meaning that comes from the Celtic Tree of Life is that of harmony and balance. The earth, the sky, the woods were all represented in one picture that showed the strength that could be experienced when all were together in harmony. Early Celtic beliefs, and especially those based out of Druidic beliefs, were strongly nature based and understood the importance of the environment.

This is why many Celtic symbols - knots or ropes - are designs that emphasize connection, balance, and the connected feeling of man, nature, and the spiritual all together in one.

The Tree of Life Pendant

The Tree of Life Pendant

Crann Bethadh

The Celtic name in Ireland for this symbol in Gaelic is "Crann Bethadh," and many people in modern times are surprised to find out that this tree isn't just a symbol, but was a name given to real life trees found throughout Celtic lands. When fields or hillsides were cleared for crops or grazing, each village, field, or area would keep one tree in the middle of the field.

This would be the Crann Bethadh and would be used for blessings, special ceremonies, appointment of chieftains, and for a variety of ceremonies among the Druids. This was a very special tree, and the symbol of it was treated just as reverently.


An Incredible Symbol

There are many Celtic symbols that are popular because of their meaning, and it is easy to see why Crann Bethadh is one of them.  The meaning of the Celtic Tree of Life to individuals can vary from one person to another, and that's understandable when looking at just how many meanings it had. Whatever the meaning that jumps out most to any individual, all of them are positive and encourage looking at the world and the interconnectedness of all life.

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