Do It Yourself Cosplay Ideas For Adults

Amy Reece

Posted on April 30 2019

Do It Yourself Cosplay Ideas For Adults

There is a very popular activity that many adults participate in. It is called cosplay. If you have not heard of this before, you have likely seen articles on the web, as well as news coverage, of these large events where people dress up as their favorite television or comic book characters. Cosplay events are extremely popular, attracting millions of people from all over the world. If you are the type of person that enjoys cosplay, but you don't have the money to purchase one of the more elaborate costumes, there are several that you will be able to make for yourself. Below we will describe a couple of cosplay ideas for adults that you may find appealing as well as affordable. 

What Exactly Is Cosplay?

Cosplay is a word that is derived from a couple of different words "costume" and "play" melded together and shortened. Although many people believe that cosplay is a relatively recent phenomenon, it has actually been happening since the 15th century and occurred during Carnival season, a time where royalty and rich families would get together at masquerade balls. This continued on through the Renaissance, becoming very popular in cities like Venice, and was called many different names. Today, it is simply known as cosplay, and if you are an adult that would like to participate without having to spend too much money, there are many cosplay ideas for adults that you may want to consider the next time that you go to an event.

How Do You Choose Your Costume?

Choosing your costume is likely the easiest part of participating. The only thing easier is ordering the costume online. The character that you choose to be will likely be from one of your favorite fictional movies, games or TV shows. If you are a fan of comic books, such as those that represent superheroes, you have probably dressed up as some of the more popular ones including Superman, Wonder Woman, and others. Below you can see how our customer Angie (@kcgeeks) has coupled a Lindybop dress with our Hailey Pumps, a red belt and red cardigan for her Wonder Woman costume at the Planet Comicon Event. We could also see this working with our Judy Skater Dress.

Wonder Woman Cosplay

@kcgeeks #wonderwoman at #planetcomicon

The other possibility is that you could look at cosplay websites. Once there, you may be able to find out which characters are currently the most popular. This will help you in making your decision if you are indecisive on which character to be. However, many people choose costumes, not based upon popularity, but based upon what character resonates with them the most.

Fan Costuming And Cosplay Events

Going back to 1984, in the city of Los Angeles, there were major events where people dressed up as their favorite anime characters. Anime is a form of comic books that originated in Japan, and there are conventions where people can dress up as their favorite anime characters. More modern versions of cosplay events are related to TV shows and movies, were fans will dress up as their favorite character, going with a group of people that also are fans of the show, to conventions that number in the thousands in some cases.

Below you can see our customer Attentea Danaxam dressed up as Honeylemon from Disney’s Big Hero 6.  She has paired our Yellow April Shoes with her own clothing. We could also see this outfit working with our Courtney, Hailey or Kylie Pumps.

Honeylemon Cosplay Idea

Honeylemon Cosplay Idea by Attentea Danaxam

How To Dress Up For Cosplay

Cosplay can be done in a very basic or elaborate manner. The most elaborate costumes may actually take several hours to complete. This does not count the time that it will take to craft the entire costume. This is simply getting all of the garments on, doing the makeup, and perfecting the hairstyle that will be necessary to properly represent their favorite character. Some cosplayers even go as far as bleaching their skin to be lighter, or they may wear contact lenses that have unnatural colors that match the character that they are doing. Others may get permanent tattoos that are similar to the ones that their favorite characters have on their bodies. However you want to try it, you can always find cosplay stores online that will sell you very inexpensive components, allowing you to create the character that you really want to be.

Cosplay Ideas For Adults

A couple of simple ideas would be to dress up as a particular type of person or cartoon character. This could be a cowboy, a police officer or cartoon character like Minnie Mouse. In the example below we have used our Minnie Tank Top, Hailey Pumps and Marinette Skater Skirt.

Minnie Mouse Cosplay Idea

Simple Minnie Mouse Cosplay Idea

More elaborate costumes will require you to wear makeup, and piece together different items that will help you create something very elaborate such as a character from a Star Wars movie or a TV show that involves characters from different alien species.

It is also possible that you could create a character of your very own using nothing but clothing that you already have, masking tape, and hair dye. You could literally go as a doughnut, owl, or a 1960s pro golfer. It just depends on the convention you are going to and how much you want to stand out.

Whether you choose to use a full costume that you purchase, or you decide to create one on your own, you will be able to fit in perfectly at your next cosplay event. It is highly recommended that you go with people that you know that are also interested in the same comics movie, or TV show, allowing all of you to coordinate the items that you are going to wear. Cosplay is a way of allowing people to deviate from their regular life, something that most people need on an intermittent basis. If you are ready to experience the world of cosplay events, start looking for different cosplay ideas so that you will be ready to attend the next time one of these events comes to an area near you.

Comment below if you love cosplay and tell us who you would most like to dress up as. 

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