Mom Wear Can Be The Most Fashionable!

Amy Reece

Posted on May 08 2019

Mom Wear Can Be The Most Fashionable!

Have you just become a new Mom? If you have, you know all about the sheer joy, delight, and feeling of magic that comes with this incredible privilege in life.



That being said, you may also be aware that your body shape has now changed and despite your efforts, it may be time to accept that your post-baby body is just as beautiful and attractive as it was nine months ago. If you do not yet feel that way then the problem could be a simple one; you haven't found the right Mom wear! Allow us to show you how Mom wear really can be the most fashionable of all.


Every New Mom Needs Perfect Denim

Every girl needs a pair of jeans that she feels absolutely fabulous in. That trusty pair that you wore before your baby bump came along may not be giving you that 'one in a million' feeling anymore and that is nothing to worry about. Rather than trying to force those pre-baby jeans to re-create their magic, it is time to go on a little shopping spree!

We are not going to recommend a set type of denim for Mom wear, every girl has different fashion taste, as well as a different body shape, however, there is one recommendation that we want to make loud and clear; do not settle for mediocre, find fabulous!

Do not settle for a pair that 'are good enough' or 'may not look great but are so comfy', that is not our aim here. Find a pair that makes you feel like a million dollars and you have just landed your first piece of clothing for your new 'Mom wardrobe'.


A fabulous pair of jeans can be paired with some low heeled super cute pumps (if you are ready for heels again)! Check out our Hailey Shoes

Hailey Shoes

Or you may prefer some flats.  Wearing flats does not have to mean lacking in style, our April Shoe is feminine and stylish and comes in a variety of colors. 

April Flats


A great alternative to a good pair of jeans is leggings.  We now have a range of leggings in both Capri and long leg options to choose from and they are super versatile. Dress them up with knee high boots or heels or dress down casual with sneakers or flats depending on your mood and the occasion.

Leggings Outfit



 Leggings Outfit Idea



A Chic Pull-On Jacket

Being a Mom means that life has suddenly taken on a whole new way of working. What you once classified as chaotic you are now realizing was little more than a slight leaning away from organized. Now you know what chaotic really means! There are going to be times, as a new Mom, that you will need to pull on a jacket and run out of the door without any prior notice.

It is for these occasions that you need your chic pull-on jacket. This is your essential item of clothing. It may be a leather choice or a classic number but it needs to look chic whatever. Regardless of what you happen to be wearing at home, the moment you pull on your chic jacket your mood will lift and your appearance will be transformed. You will go from stressed new Mommy to cool and confident mother within a few seconds. 


Statement Jewelry

Jewelry can easily be overlooked when you become a new Mom, you may be doing all in your power to settle into your new life and the last thing you have in mind is putting on some bling. Do not fall into this trap. Us girls have bling for a reason and we know how amazing it makes us feel. Look through your collection and lay out a few of your favorite pieces.  

Certainly, becoming a new Mom has to be one of the most magical moments in life. We know that you adore your little one to the moon and back, but don't forget that a happy Mommy will mean an even happier baby. Don't try to make your pre-baby wardrobe fit your new self, instead, it's time to create a whole new wardrobe that makes you feel truly magical after all, isn't being a Mom one of the most magical feelings on the planet?


Pixie Cove Customer Review 

Pixie Cove Customer
New Mom Suzie wrote to us, "I absolutely loved the dress! the 2nd my hands touched the silky fabric I knew I was in love. I felt pretty for the 1st time in a long time I have a 4 month old daughter so it's taken some time getting back to feeling sexy again....You gave me one of the GREATEST gifts I could have ever dreamt self esteem boost I was looking for. I will be wearing this dress for like years to come!!!!"

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