The Top Fashion Colors For The End Of 2017

Amy Reece

Posted on October 12 2017

2017 may be on its last legs, but the vast majority of the fall and the earliest days of winter are still ahead of us. As the leaves turn and the air begins to cool, more and more people will naturally start to dress for comfort above all else. No one can be blamed for wanting to ward off the chillier nights and mornings, but it's hardly an excuse to throw all sense of fashion to the wind!

If you want to make sure you remain stylish throughout the rest of the year, you can stay at least one step ahead of most with your color choices alone. Even the most mundane article of clothing can be brought to life with the right hue or shade. With that in mind, here are some of 2017's top fashion colors:

1 - Red

The warmth of the summer may be over, but that doesn't mean your fashion choices have to immediately cool down. Striking, powerful hues of red are leading all of the fashion trends right now. Whether you're merely rocking a light jacket, a full-blown dress, or literally anything in between, you can easily make a splash by using red as your main style inspiration. Although pure monochromatic red is the main trend, you can add a bit of visual flair by varying the materials from one piece to the next (i.e. a matte top with gloss footwear.)

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2 - Plaid

If you're not so keen on sticking to one color alone or standing out from the crowd, you may want to opt for simple plaid patterns. You'll find any number of orange, tan, beige, and light red colors commonly woven through most plaid designs. As such, this is always a great candidate for the fall in general. With outfits that serve as a natural compliment to your surroundings, you'll be sure to strike an impressive figure.

3 - Chocolate

Try as we might to deny the fact, the 1990s are now a good 20 years behind us. The reliably cyclical "what's old is new again" rule has been proven yet again by a resurgence of the popularity of chocolate brown. While originally seen in everything from the leading makeup and liner hues to the boots and bags of the late 90s, you can once more feel free to adorn yourself in the richest browns you can find. As a relatively neutral color, it should also pair nicely with just about anything in your wardrobe. A nice combination of chocolate and red will surely be stunning, or you can keep your outfits even more subdued by sticking to white or black.

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That only scratches the surface of 2017's top fashion colors, but you should be well prepared to look your best by sticking within those confines. Don't be afraid to experiment a bit with different accessories and pattern combinations however. Above all else, you should always strive to look like "you". Fashion trends are only a guideline; the real hook is what you manage to put together from there!

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