Size Charts

Sizing for Clothing at Pixie Cove

Pixie Cove are delighted to be able to offer a wide variety of amazing styles from a selection of different designers, from named brands to independent brands and our own Pixie Cove Exclusive designs.  This does however mean that sizing varies from piece to piece. It is not possible for us to provide an accurate general sizing chart of what we consider each size to be so we endeavour to add a sizing chart to each and every individual product page to assist you on your shopping journey. You should read the descriptions of each product but if you still need more information we are always standing at the ready to assist our shoppers because we know shopping online can sometimes create a few questions - and that’s okay! We’re here to give you the answers you need to feel confident in the pieces you buy and the clothes that you wear. If you have any trouble determining your perfect size or finding an item to complete your ideal outfit then please contact our team as we would be delighted to help.


Sizing for Footwear at Pixie Cove

Please be aware that this chart is only for our own Pixie Cove Branded footwear items. When purchasing footwear online keep in mind that manufacturers use different lasts to construct their shoes, and sizing may vary accordingly. With this in mind we would always advise our customers to measure their feet before making a purchase.

The first column of our footwear chart provides the exact inside measurements for all our "Made to Order Customized Footwear" items. The second column lists the relative US size on the Pixie Cove website. Care should be taken to ensure you measure your feet carefully prior to purchase. Also, please be aware that sizes are not the same across footwear brands, so wearing a particular size from one shop is no guarantee that you will wear that size in a Pixie Cove model. (That applies to different shops too). See below the chart for a video detailing how to measure your feet.

Heel to Toe (inches / cm)
8.46 / 21.5 2
8.66 / 22
8.86 / 22.5
9.1 / 23
9.25 / 23.5
9.45 / 24
9.65 / 24.5
9.84 / 25
10 / 25.5
10.23 / 26
10.43 / 26.5
10.6 / 27 11
10.8 / 27.5 11.5
11 / 28 12
11.2 / 28.5 12.5
11.4 / 29 13
11.6 / 29.5 13.5
11.8 / 30 14


We strongly advise all our customers to measure their feet prior to ordering.  

Please follow these steps to measure your feet:

  1. Make sure you are standing firmly on the ground when taking the measurement
  2. Wear the socks or stockings you will wear with your new shoes
  3. Place each foot on a piece of paper and mark where your longest toe ends and where your heel ends.
  4. Measure the distance between the marks in inches or centimetres to give your foot length.
  5. Compare this measurement to our chart to obtain your required US size.
  6. One foot may be larger than the other and you should go with the larger foot size.
  7. If you are between sizes, have a wider foot or higher instep you should go up a size. 

As standard our footwear products come in medium fit (B,M). Some of our range comes in wide width and these are marked accordingly. 

Please view this video for detailed steps on how to measure your feet: