Tungsten Abalone Ring

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This beautiful ring is fashioned out of tungsten carbide. Pure tungsten is too difficult to work with so it is compounded into its carbide form when used for jewelry.  Tungsten carbide rings have a high melting point and high tensile strength. They are also extremely resistant to scratching, have a light gray color, and can be removed in the event of an emergency using regular jewelry removal tools.  It should be noted though that they are somewhat heavy - just a touch heavier than 14k gold.

Abalone shell shimmers and colors can be seen depending on how it reflects the light. The colors in this ring include blue, green, purple, and pink, however as it is a natural material no two pieces of abalone shell are exactly alike, giving each piece of jewelry a unique beauty that can't be duplicated. Abalone shell is a soft material and should be protected from scratches and hard blows. 



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Natural Abalone Shell
Band Width 8mm


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